Guess the Lionsgate Horror Movie Based on Its Inscrutable Poster Art!

The posters for Lionsgate's horror movies often have several things in common: they're gorgeous, they're frequently photographed by studio chief Tim Palen, and they're totally baffling and inscrutable. Movieline has rounded up 14 examples of Lionsgate's poster key art -- see if you can tell what movie they belong to (or even what, exactly, they're supposed to be).

Here are your options:

a) Daybreakers b) The Last Exorcism c) The Haunting in Connecticut d) My Bloody Valentine 3D e) Skinwalkers f) Captivity g) The Descent h) Hostel i) Hostel Part 2 j) Saw II k) Saw III l) Saw IV m) Saw V n) Saw VI

And here is the key art:


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