Here is the Tom Hardy Workout Video You Didn't Know You Wanted

tom-hardy-workout-video.jpgHere's something nice for you to watch while you're eating an entire thing of Gallo salami slices at your desk (as I may or may not be doing currently): a workout video starring Inception's semi-bisexual breakout Tom Hardy. The clip was shot as Hardy buffed up for his unrecognizable role in last year's Bronson, and it's an interesting testimonial to the modern-day reality that our best actors need to be absolute gym fiends (and that loose, baggy gym pants can still be oddly revealing). Enjoy!

OH HAPPY GAY: Tom Hardy Workout Vid [Best Week Ever]


  • citizenrobot says:

    BRB trying to Inception myself into this video

  • TurdBlossom says:

    Just when I thought Tom Hardy can't get any more alluring...I'm also going to try some of those routines at the gym tonight (and likely sprain or break something in the process).

  • snarkymark says:, my. Please let me know when Mr. Hardy is again interested in men.