Happy 90210 Day! Celebrate with Movieline by Watching Donna Martin Graduate

Numerologists and fans of cheesy '90s television, this is your chance to unite! Thanks to the calendar, today has been officially christened International Beverly Hills, 90210 Day. (Sept. 2, 2010 = 9/02/10; get it?) That means you've got a built-in excuse to fondly remember the time when Luke Perry was a sex symbol, Ian Ziering was famous and Donna Martin graduated. After the jump watch that iconic television moment and get the 90210 theme stuck in your head for the rest of the day. Whoa, Bayside! Err, wrong show.

Donna Martin gradutes! Donna Martin graduates! Donna Martin -- sorry, got caught up in the moment. Meanwhile -- and I apologize for this earworm in advance -- here's the famous 90210 opening credits. The clothes! The theme song! The font! Enjoy below:


  • Ah, Gabrielle Carteris. Someone should really check the local retirement homes and find out what she's up to.

  • TurdBlossom says:

    I don't know what gives me a bigger headache. The "acting", the 30 year old teenagers, or the ghastly fashion choices of 1991.

  • Christopher Rosen says:

    D.) ALL OF IT!

  • Dimo says:

    Considering that I worked on this show for 2 and a half seasons, I should be celebrating. But all I can think about is having to get Tori her Eggs Benedict at 5:30 in the morning, and what a f*$%ing bitch Jessica Alba is. Oh yeah, and having a conversation with a totally wasted Aaron Spelling will haunt me forever. Good times!