Gossip Girl Goes 90210, Awesomely

· The best part of 90210 -- the opening credits -- have been retooled in a magical 2010 way. As we end 90210 Day, watch as the cast of Gossip Girl tries on the show's fancy-free opening sequence and even cops some of the original font. [YouTube]

· Some more 90210 Day fun: Look, every Mad Men character has a 90210 counterpart. [Flavorwire]

· Yes! A preview of Jersey Shore featuring a fight between JWOWW and Sammi. You can pick one of two sides here: "Team JWOWW" or "Team You Have to be Kidding Me." [Cinema Blend]

· Here's another preview for FX's Terriers. Donal Logue, never change.[Cinema Blend]

· Finally, good news for LA: Jamie Oliver is visiting and wants to whip you into a food revolution. [TV Guide]


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