Catherine Zeta-Jones 'Furious' Over Michael Douglas' Delayed Cancer Diagnosis

Here's some disconcerting news for those who hope constant vigilance will help find cancer before it spreads. In an interview with People excerpted by the Denver Post, Catherine Zeta-Jones says that Michael Douglas spent months seeking medical attention for constant throat pain, only to be rebuffed. "It makes me furious they didn't detect [his throat cancer] earlier," said Zeta-Jones. "He sought every option and nothing was found." [Denver Post]


  • sweetbiscuit says:

    Yes, it's infuriating. But even though you are used to getting the best of everything at a moment's notice, Catherine, sometimes shit happens. (Get well soon, Michael.)

  • Every person everyday around the world we all live the same not knowing whether anything could happen to us at any moment. To live the life is living in each and every moment whether full of excitement and happiness or shockingly grieved with physical disease and emotional sadness. Time and unforeseen occurrences are what befalls us all with prayer God’s help time heals all wounds once diagnosed properly the best possible treatment follows. Have continued patience with the help of medical professionals that can provide the best possible cure, with positive mind reinforcement and our prayers recovery will come quicker for Michael Douglas actor, producer, and philanthropist. Michael Douglas is a strong, determined, positive man, he will recover with the help of the best trusted surgeons, physicians, and nurses. Adults, children and young adults do survive this disease called cancer. Every day is a fight to cure cancer. Our prayers will help strengthen, renew and fortify Michael Douglas and his lovely supportive nurturing, wife Catherine Zeta-Jones. She is beyond compare a good example we are inspired by her care for her husband Michael Douglas, her children, and her family. Pray for Michael Douglas to be free of cancer, to be pain free and recover complete. All the best possible medical attention will now finally be provided for a strong and adaptable Michael Douglas to cure his throat cancer that makes it all disappear. Please send good thoughts hopes and wishes for his wellbeing showing respect is honorable, prayer supportive for the great American actor, producer and philanthropist Michael Douglas from a great American Family who has given so much. God continue to bless Michael Douglas and his family and friends. Dedicated to a Great American Michael Douglas a true philanthropist a poem by Denise Hoglund 9-5-10.

  • Jean says:

    Best Wishes to Michael and Catherine and their family. Your wonderful attitude and determination will absolutely go a long way in recovery. Please look through the attached site as another alternative as prayer does sometimes help.