90210 Day: Where are They Now?

Here's one good way to celebrate 90210 Day: The FAB Life has put together a comprehensive "where are they now" gallery of the show's main cast and famous guest actors that's really more of a "how has their face transformed" treat. You may not be surprised to find that the women have indulged in a lot of cosmetic upkeep, while the supporting cast of vaguely skeevy bad boys looks even skeevier, but perhaps you'll be startled to remember guest stars like Jessica Alba and Daniel Dae Kim. Jin! [The FAB Life]


  • Dimo says:

    I can't believe they didn't include me on the list. I played "Chlamydia Boy" dammit!

  • Not Applicable says:

    2011 - Remember a lame website called Moveline that did lame features called Where Are They Now? I wonder what happened to that website?

  • By talking to them, you can communicate with them as well as teach them whatever you want. I didnt know them well, and vice-versa. My problem identified - I did not know my kids!!!.