Here's Your Chance to See (and Judge) Catfish For Free

catfish_screening_225.jpg"Don't let anyone tell you what it is," reads the tagline hooked to Catfish's current marketing campaign. Oh, really? What if I tell you that next week in L.A., for one night only, the controversial Sundance darling (and September theatrical release) is... free? Believe it! Finally, consensus. Read on for details.

Directors Ariel Cohen and Henry Joost left Park City last January with one of the most polarizing titles on the market -- a market that promptly snapped the film up in February when Relativity Media (along with executive producer Brett Ratner) made a deal to distribute through its Rogue Pictures label. The conversation never stopped at Movieline, and you can bet it will pick up again after the free screening next Tuesday, Sept. 7, at the Arclight.

You can RSVP for your tickets here; the event begins at 7 p.m. PT and is first come, first served. And here's another thing I can tell you Catfish is without the slightest doubt: Opening Sept. 17 in limited release. Enjoy!