BREAKING: Gunman Reported With Hostages at Discovery HQ [UPDATED]

discovery_channel_logo_120.jpgSketchy and altogether bad news coming out of Silver Spring, Md., this afternoon, where the AP reports a gunman who may or may not have possession of a bomb is holding at least one hostage in a siege at Discovery Networks. What was originally reported as a possible bomb scenario (to which three technicians responded) has since escalated into a situation with police on hand and unable to reach the alleged gunman -- who is described as having "concerns" with Discovery Channel. Not much more for now.... Developing... [AP via NYT] UPDATE 5:15 pm EDT: Police have shot the gunman and freed three hostages... developing...


  • I don’t buy that this guy was legitimately mentally ill. He was a nutjob in the sense of not thinking straight, but I don’t think it was due to a mental defect, but rather due to leftist indoctrinitation.

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