Now Playing: Stephanie Zacharek's Video Review of Takers

They're sleek. They're sexy. They're sssssorta famous? And they're ganging up for one last heist job in the new film Takers. But does the ensemble including Paul Walker, Idris Elba, Hayden Christensen, and T.I. actually have what it takes to lift this late-summer thriller to blockbuster heights? For the answer we turn to none other than Movieline's chief film critic Stephanie Zacharek. Verdict, please?














  • tee shirt says:

    Does Paris Hilton actually think that we all believe she thought the drug was candy. When she fails the urine test, how is she going to explain that?? She's 29 and continues to be a party hound. She probably forgot about the drugs because she was too high. Running in the fast lane for the rich and famous isn't that much different for real people of the world. So a little advice when you get caught own it and stop embarrassing yourself and those who care about you.

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