Matt Damon Returns to 30 Rock

damon_30rock_225.jpgRemember how funny Matt Damon was during the season finale of 30 Rock as a grumpypants pilot? Well, according to frequent guest star -- and View co-host -- Sherri Shepherd, he's back for a little more Liz Lemon loving this season. "OMG!! I'm on set @ 30 Rock next to Tina Fey & MATT DAMON is sitting behind me," she tweeted this morning. "I went over & said hi -- think I just got pregnant! Jamal Damon." Sherri loves making pregnancy jokes, huh? Anyway, this is awesome. [@SherriEShepherd via NYP/PopWrap]


  • Gregory Sawyer says:

    I'm glad to see you credited NY Post, because for a second I was terrified you followed Sherri Shepherd on Twitter.

  • metroville says:

    That thrice-employed television personality must have been almost excited enough to jump off the edge of the flat Earth.

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