Help Find an Oscar-Winner With Movieline's Exclusive Jean-Luc Godard 'Missing' Poster

So if you bet "yes" in yesterday's poll of whether or not Jean-Luc Godard would personally accept his honorary Oscar at this fall's Governors Awards, things aren't looking good for you. A report late Wednesday notes that the Academy has yet to even find Godard to notify him -- let alone invite the 79-year-old French New Wave legend to collect his winnings in person in Los Angeles. Godard's absence persists as of this writing, a development that requires significant measures. Click through to join the hunt with Movieline's official "missing" poster.

A PDF version is available here as well. This is your public service for the day, folks. Do your part.

· Jean-Luc Godard doesn't know he'll win Oscar [THR]


[Color photo: Evan Agostini/Getty Images]


  • Edward Wilson says:

    Perhaps his disappearance is for the best...

  • NDog says:

    If he actually went there, there is no doubt that he would use the occasion to deliver an angry rant to America and it's imperialism. I doubt he has any alternate paths for us follow, but he does live in a Suisse town known for it's tax dodgers, so....... As an artist, I guess he's entitled to to complain....