Martin Scorsese's Chanel Ad: Is Marty Secretly a Wallpaper-Reading Williamsburg Hipster?

Several months ago, Martin Scorsese was sighted in Williamsburg while directing a Chanel ad starring French heartthrob Gaspard Ulliel. Now the clip has come out, and it forces us to wonder: Why is Scorsese saving his most glamorous tendencies for one-off commercials?

Consider the evidence: Though often stereotyped as a director whose films are full of crime and tough guys, this Chanel ad is a larky, retro, gorgeous gem with style to burn (it's like if you took Roman Coppola's CQ and cast a French hunk as the lead), and it's not the first time I could say that about a Scorsese ad. Just a few years ago, Scorsese made a similarly polished champagne commercial called The Key To Reserva, a Hitchcock homage that was based on a three-page script by the North by Northwest director.

Marty! You could make a whole feature film this way, if you liked. Maybe even give Leo a vacation? I certainly wouldn't object.

Watch: Martin Scorsese Directed Chanel Bleu Ad With Gaspard Ulliel [The Playlist]


  • keep it real says:

    You silly punk kids with A.D.D. knowledge of cinema don't get it.
    Everything in this ad was an homage to cinema history. Shot for shot, cut for cut.
    Marty is a huge cinema history freak. Ok you MTV's your watch list.
    The French Connection
    Fatal Attraction
    Witness for the Prosecution
    and many more.
    Do your homework and stop obsessing over the technical/location stuff.
    It's about story......remember?

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