Leonardo DiCaprio Made More Money Than God For Inception

Inception_dicaprioguns_225.jpgEight-figure salaries for big movie stars in big Hollywood movies is no big news -- ever since Jim Carrey pulled the first $20 million paycheck for The Cable Guy, it's been pretty commonplace for the biggest stars to be compensated wildly for their services. But even compared to his biggest peers, Leonardo DiCaprio has pulled in some impressive bank for his starring role in Inception.

EOnline is reporting that DiCaprio is set to earn more than $50 MILLION for his dreamy services rendered. Leo has managed this exorbitant payday thanks to him forgoing his usual initial upfront fee and instead opting for first-dollar gross.

It's not unusual for stars to go for back-end pay once the film breaks even -- Tom Cruise did that in his latest enormous bomb film Knight and Day. But clever Leo starts to get paid as soon as the ticket sales come tumbling in, regardless of if the film makes back its budget or not. And since the film is projected to make roughly $750 million worldwide by the time it's through in the theaters, well, if Leo suddenly finds himself buying a castle or two on the spur of the moment, he should be fine.

Meanwhile, his co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt was instead clearly paid in rights to Carole King's back catalog.


  • TurdBlossom says:

    In related news, Bar Raphel is throwing away her birth control pills and buying a copy of Bride Magazine.

  • Shap says:

    That's nothing. I heard The Rock is getting first-dollar gross plus an upfront four figure salary for The Tooth Fairy 2.

  • casting couch says:

    Nicely done, Leo.

  • Lou Dean says:

    LOL, as if his head wasnt big enough as it was!

  • t says:

    Awesome! He'll never settle down. ego maniac. Normal women please avoid him for your own emotional health. Models - sign up for on/off relationship where money may be spent on you.

  • La'Nell R. Clarke says:

    Who ever made the comment about Leo, making more money than GOD should be ashamed of themselves. That is a sacreligious remark, and no one has the right to
    make those kind of remarks. NO one is better than god, & no one is more sacred than GOD.

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  • Child, Please! says:

    Amen! Thank you!

  • Uh, good post I guess. Not sure I agree with you 100% but I guess without different views the world would be a pretty boring place ;

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