Stephen Colbert and Joe Biden to Honor Returning Troops

ColbertBidenWelcomeThumb.jpgThe Colbert Report host was not kidding when he mentioned a two-episode tribute to the troops last night. Comedy Central just sent out a press release announcing that the specials, entitled Been There: Won That: The Returnification of the American-Do Troopscape, will air on Sept. 8 and 9. Vice President Joe Biden, Gen. Ray Odierno And Sen. Jim Webb will be on hand to thank the troops, many of whom will be sitting in the studio audience and appearing from Iraq and Afghanistan. How are you going to honor the troops, real newscasters? [The Colbert Report]


  • Did you see Biden says voters won't like Republican alternative according to Reuters. Thinks Tea Party is out of touch with the American People. This isn't meant to stir any political pot here but not so sure about Biden's assessment. I think November midterms will be close. Dems may come close to senate but ultimately they'll keep it. The house I think is gone to the GOP.

  • Juan Gerstle says:

    Your site has elevated hip hop. Glad to see that you even make room for young artist like da Youngfellaz from New York. Very refreshing to see good music being preserved.

  • Jan Train says:

    Yo Da Youngfellaz put me up on your site. Looks good. Thanks for keeping good music alive.

  • TheDork says:

    Stephen Colbert is the man -- point proven right there!

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