Michael J. Fox to Make Rush Limbaugh's Fantasy a Reality on The Good Wife

MichaelJFoxLimbaugh225.jpgRemember back in 2006 when Rush Limbaugh came under fire for imitating the tremors that afflicted Michael J. Fox during a televised political ad for stem cell research, suggesting that Fox had exaggerated his Parkinson's Disease symptoms for show? Well, now it looks like Fox will be engaging in his own game of Rush Limbaugh role-play, and it could even win him an Emmy.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, The Good Wife has cast Fox as "a shrewd and cynical litigator" that will contend with Julianna Margulies' character in a class-action lawsuit. CBS confirmed Fox's arc, saying that his character, Simon Canning, "is willing to use anything in court, including symptoms of his neurological condition, to create sympathy for his otherwise unsympathetic client: a giant pharmaceutical company." Fox faking it? Giant pharmaceuticals? This is a Rush Limbaugh wet dream, right here.

· The Good Wife lines up Michael J. Fox for guest shot [Orlando Sentinel]


  • b.mclane says:

    Ho Hum..........more erroneous reporting. The FACTS are: Limbaugh stated MJ Fox played the sympathy card before Congress by what appeared to be exaggerated symptoms during his testimony on stem cell research. Never before had we seen Fox shaking so uncontrollably. Weeks later Fox ADMITTED he purposedly OVERMEDICATED before the hearing which caused the uncontrollable shaking. So in the REAL WORLD it looks like Rush was correct and Fox did use his disease to make his point.

  • BigFatIdiot says:

    Guess that clears THAT up...Rush is the victim here. Got a nice bridge to sell? Perhaps some fine beachfront property in Kansas? Go peddle your papers elsewhere, troll. Rush Limbaugh is a perverted piece of excrement, and the sooner he dies from a self-induced heart attack, the better the world will be for it. I don't fear any recriminations from this comment, as the original poster is clearly too stupid to read or understand it.

  • LickyDisco says:

    Holy hell...I have an overwhelming urge to stand up and applaud you, but I'm frozen with fear.

  • cg says:

    If Fox OVERMEDICATED (From b.mclane Posted 20 Aug 2010, 1:57 PM) that seems right up Rush's alley and more puzzling why it would set Rush off. Did he forget to use his housekeeper?

  • Brent says:

    Would it be too much to ask that you leave sexual innuendos out of the news?

  • ARCHON says:

    Everybody knows actor Michael J Fox is just another Democrat political appartchik-stooge that will do anything to manipulate the audience's perceptions of his condition.

  • CTexas says:

    B. McLane....keep on belivin...fool.

  • JelloLover says:

    Dear Archon:
    It's "apparatchik" and you'd probably know that if you read books instead of parroting Fox News dogma. Do you even know who Rupert Murdoch is? William Randolph Hearst? Oh, why bother?

  • anon says:

    The medication reduces shaking, not increases shaking. He overmedicated so he would shake even less. Now if he undermedicated or didn't take his medicine, then the shaking would be worse.
    I don't think Rush deserves to die. That is a bit mean-spirited.