Just When Exactly Will Tree of Life Get Released? Vote in Movieline's Poll!

terrence_malick_225.jpgThe word from Indiewire's Todd McCarthy is that Terrence Malick's oft-delayed Tree of Life is delayed once again: "I'm convinced we won't be seeing The Tree of Life until, at the earliest, the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. Or perhaps it could turn up at the New York Film Festival a year from now." Or perhaps when hell freezes over; bear in mind, this film was supposed to come out last year. Between Malick's infamous perfectionism and the surprising executive upheaval at Apparition, Tree of Life seems caught in a perfect storm of inertia. So when will it finally get released? Click ahead to vote in Movieline's patented Tree of Life release date poll.

When will 'Tree of Life' finally make its debut?survey software

Now excuse me while I click "Never." Vote early and often, folks!

· Up in the Basement [Indiewire/Todd McCarthy's Deep Focus]

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