Bedbug Panic Grips NYC Multiplexes!

bedbug_120.jpgThe following is presented largely without comment because I am too busy sealing my doors, duct-taping my pants and shirt tight at the ends and renouncing public moviegoing forever: "[A] new division of bloodthirsty bedbugs has sacked the AMC Empire 25 multiplex in Times Square. A moviegoer who requested anonymity tells us that 30 minutes into [Sunday] night's screening of Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, she was 'covered in bites.' [... T]he AMC on 125th is fighting a bedbug infestation as well." And this is how I become a DVD reviewer. [Gothamist via HE]


  • Yikes! I've been to that theater, but only because I'm in the immediate vicinity and there's a movie I have to see there due to it not playing anywhere else, or because a friend and I didn't have anywhere else to go (some movies I've seen there are only because they're so great as to pay their ridiculous premium price like Inglourious Basterds and There will be Blood). Until I hear different from them, I'm never going to that theater again.

  • Sarah says:

    I just read an article about how there's apparently a huge bedbug problem in Ohio (where I am) which is so bad that state leaders are meeting with the EPA, the CDC and the Department of Defense (!) this week to figure out what to do. So yeah I am pretty much moving into a bubble right now.