A Guide to Tim Gunn's Three Best TV Cameos

timgunnhimym225.jpgSince his first appearance in 2004 as Project Runway's essential mentor, Tim Gunn has taken on a number of secondary jobs: author, host, Liz Claiborne chief creative officer, and best of all, guest star. Just as news arrives that Gunn will appear on an upcoming episode of Gossip Girl, join us to revisit his three best off-Runway TV appearances to date.

Drop Dead Diva

Gunn's been given brief walk-on roles on Ugly Betty, the cinematic horrorshow that was Sex and the City 2, and his voice was even used on the animated American Dad!, but it wasn't until last year that Drop Dead Diva finally allowed him to exercise thespian chops, screen presence, and actual character work (even if he was playing himself).

How I Met Your Mother

As Barney Stinson's personal stylist on an episode of How I Met Your Mother this season, Gunn was almost secondary to a classic Neil Patrick Harris meltdown, but his stoic, lovably stilted delivery make this cameo one of his better endeavors and a step above an average season six episode of Runway.

I Get That A Lot

In his weirdest bit part to date, Gunn acted as a real-life fast food worker pretending not to be Project Runway's pinstriped consultant. A few customers called him on the gag immediately, while others (namely a fellow with an "Abe Lincoln beard") needed to be clued in. Awkward and endearing.

'Gossip Girl' Pulls Trigger on Tim Gunn Cameo [EW]

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