Your Bad Guys Will No Longer Be British

alan-rickman-villain.jpgIn America, we both admire and fear British actors: On the one hand, we give them all our Oscars, but on the other, we constantly make them play villains. Now, in news that will either make Alan Rickman very happy or cause him to file a panic-stricken unemployment application, Paramount is resolving to cast actors with more indeterminate accents in the studio's bad guy roles. Tommy Wiseau, now is your moment. [New Zealand Herald via MCN]


  • The Winchester says:

    Why not? If The Expendables taught us anything this weekend, it's that the heroes don't need to speak intelligible English, so anything's possible!

  • Sarah says:

    Mr. Alan Rickman is the epitome of classy and sofisticated villany, yes, but he is much more than that: he can play a wide range of characters, he is a great theatre actor and an accomplished director, so, don't worry about him, he won't be suffering for unenployment any time soon 😉

  • FightingChance says:

    He is monumentally entertaining. Seriously, if there were a fictional school for villainy, the courtyard would feature a bust of Hans Gruber with the inscription "Mr Takagi will not be joining us for the rest of his life"

  • This is what is so wrong with this world. Why don't the perfect people on this comment board look at their own lives and figure out how to better themselves or help someone else.