New Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Channing Tatum Short: Where the Effects are Much More Special Than in G.I. Joe

Do you want to see Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Channing Tatum battle it out in an effects-driven extravaganza? You may not have wanted to when it was called G.I. Joe, but now that it's a charming, old-timey short film called Morgan and Destiny's Eleventeeth Date: The Zeppelin Zoo, maybe your mind can be changed.

The short is the closest thing to a franchise on Gordon-Levitt's creative collaboration site (you may remember him discussing the site's potential with Movieline back at Sundance), as it's actually the sequel to another Gordon-Levitt short; both are embedded below. Consider the tongue-twisting, wordy comedy do be both actors' official audition for any Coen brothers film in the near future.


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