Everybody Wish M. Night Shyamalan a Happy 40th Birthday!

It's that time of year again, everyone! Someone's having a birrrrrrthdaaayyyyyy... And this is no ordinary birthday, either: In a milestone befitting the man who achieved it, Manoj Night Shyamalan today hits the big 4-0. Check out Movieline's special commemorative banner -- and send along your best wishes -- after the jump!

Happy birthday, Manoj!


[Photo: WireImage]


  • Kyle Buchanan says:

    "40: An Age Inspired By the Mind of M. Night Shyamalan"

  • Allan says:

    What if he's been 40 all along? TWIST!

  • Shap says:

    Happy Birthday M. Night Shyamalan! Saw Lady in the Water four years ago on my birthday! Thanks for making my 27th birthday so full of wonder and whimsy and magic! Of course, I walked out of Lady in the Water after ten minutes, but Pirates of the Carribean 2, playing next door, was definitely all of those things!

  • BW says:

    If I was as old as him I would kill myself.

  • HollywoodSlimJim says:

    There is a chance that he died last year after a crazed fan waited in his bathroom until he came home, shot him, and only in his mind is he turning 40 while the rest of the world moves on without him. Someone see what Haley Joel Osment is doing, I'm almost postive it's nothing, and get him to put an end to this birthday celebration with the big revelation.

  • M. Night RUINED The Legend of Aang...

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