Is the Burlesque Trailer the Campiest Thing You'll See This Summer?

What would happen if Glitter, Showgirls and Nine had a baby -- and that baby was raised by Cher and Stanley Tucci's character from The Devil Wears Prada? The trailer for Burlesque finds out.

Goodness! The camp on this one is ratcheted up to -- well, to Cher. This is an actual line of dialogue the Oscar-winning actress utters in her role as the Miranda Priestly of burlesque houses: "When you are putting on your make-up, it's like you're an artist; except instead of painting a canvas, you're painting your face." So yeah, Burlesque is that kind of movie.

There's a plot of course, though you've certainly seen it before: Christina Aguliera stars as a small-town girl who heads to Los Angeles with stars in her eyes, only to wind up working at Cher's burlesque house as a waitress. But -- wouldn't you know it -- she's a singer with a voice like Christina Aguliera and dance moves too! Everyone gets excited -- everyone but Kristen Bell, that is, who appears to be playing Gina Gershon's part from Showgirls. Cam Gigandet shows up too, wearing a bowler hat. And, hey, is that McSteamy?

This is not to say Burlesque will be bad -- it will just be what you expect from a movie starring Cher and Christina Aguliera. Everyone appears to be having fun, at least -- especially Cher and Tucci, who spends the trailer peering over the eyeglasses that are perfectly perched on the bridge of his nose. Also, if "Welcome to Wonderland" becomes the new "We're not in Kansas anymore," don't say I didn't warn you.

VERDICT: Jazz hands.


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