Titanic II Trailer: Yes, There is a Titanic II

Who's up for a low-budget knock-off of history's second-biggest movie? What if I told you it was from the makers of Mega Shark vs. Giant Octopus? That's what I thought. Click through for the trailer.

The merry not-quite-pranksters at The Asylum have wrung another treat from their skeeve factory, this time offering the maiden voyage of the Titanic II -- a meticulously recreated version of the infamous steamer setting out on the same route (and the same day 100 years later) as its doomed predecessor. You'll never guess what happens!

No, seriously: The killer North Atlantic iceberg of the early 20th century has been replaced here by some monster wave, though you could just as easily assume the ship runs violently aground on dialogue like, "Let's make history!" and "Looks like history is repeating itself!" Whatever -- it's still better than anything James Cameron wrote in 1997. What it really needs is a love theme... any recommendations? [via Videogum]


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