Pacey-Con Video: Joshua Jackson Wants to Be Your New Neil Patrick Harris

If you were wondering why actor Joshua Jackson mounted a Pacey-Con this weekend in San Diego -- a mini celebration of his Dawson's Creek character involving fan fiction delivered via megaphone -- wonder no more, as it was for this new Funny or Die video. If you were wondering why Jackson was wearing an old shirt he apparently bought from Chandler Bing at a garage sale, keep wondering. Enjoy:


  • Bobsyeruncle says:

    That's may be a Chandler Bing shirt, but it's also a Pacey shirt. The wardrobe dressed him in nothing but variations on that shirt for the first 4 seasons.

  • stolidog says:

    Wait, Joshua Jackson is gay now? right on!

  • taxgirl says:

    Obviously the person writing this piece is not a Pacey/JJ fan. That's okay. We'll just get a little snicker over his ignorance and move on.
    JJ was in full Pacey attire from the combed straight down hair, to the bowling shirt, to the baggy - too long pants. LOVE HIM!!!!!!!
    Poor Katie. Think of the fun she could have had joining in if she wasn't in zombie jail.