Tommy Wiseau on Comic-Con, The Room 3D, and His Bloody New Project

tommy-wiseau-main.jpgDid Movieline interview Tommy Wiseau at Comic-Con? How could we not! The enigmatic auteur behind the cult sensation The Room was there promoting his new project, an short called The House That Drips Blood on Alex, and though Wiseau has a tendency to speak in riddles and koans (in endearing broken English), he dished a little on being an actor for hire, converting The Room into 3D, and whether he wants to do a film about Heath Ledger.

I've seen the teaser for The House That Drips Blood on Alex, and since you've got blood all over you in it, I take it you're the titular Alex?

Yes, that's correct. Yes. I play only the role Alex. I'm not directing, I'm not producing, I'm just acting.

So how did they come to you for this?

Well you know, you have audition, they contact us, and "We have a project." To me, it's a very spectacular project and they should continue doing it once a month, but it's up to them.

Is it a horror comedy?

You may say a horror-slash-comedy. It could be also vampire, because Alex, the main character, may become vampire but I'm not sure yet. I think that may be questionable.

What can you tell me about the plot? It seems very mysterious.

Very mysterious. You have to see it, but you'll be surprised. The bottom line is that you have to see it. You go to places maybe you've never been before. That's the story of that.

How do you like being an actor for hire?

Oh, I love it. As you know, I've done a few shows for different people, et cetera, and it's very interesting. I want to be always actor. I like acting better than anything else, but you know, directing's good. I don't discriminate, let me tell you. I'm inspired by entertainment and I like to provoke people, and I think that's the idea behind it. As well, you know, expression for me is very important, and as you guys probably know -- especially you guys, media, misleading certain stuff, but I'm not saying per se you, OK?

Well, we've just met.

I'm just telling you as a general speaking. I think it's a spectacular project. I like vampires. You probably know there were many, many different movies related to vampires, and this is one that is very experimental, but at the same time, I personally think they should have a show once a month.

Now, are you going up for roles as an actor, or do you wait for people to contact you?

Well you know, all things. Basically, I'm very busy, but I'm very open for any project right now.

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  • festie says:

    what an affected douchebag.

  • HwoodHills says:

    So wait a I the only one with the theory that Alex Blood, sorry, that's what I call it, might have something to do with vampires? He was pretty savvy in cloaking his answer. Please clarify if I'm correct or not, Mr. Buchanan.

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