Resident Evil: Afterlife Is The Slo-Mo-iest Movie EVER

Here in Hall H, we've been presented with a myriad of different film trailers, clips and teasers. But only one film can lay claim to the dubious honor of the Most Extreme Slo-Mo Ever. And the film market being what it is today, it's in 3D

Bringing a special Comic-Con exclusive clip of the latest installment of the Resident Evil franchise, the audience was treated to some verrrrrrrrrrrrrry slow action indeed.

Set in an abandoned bathroom, Milla and Ali Larter fight a masked man armed with a gigantic guillotine-sized axe. And. every. action. is. in. very. slow. motion. Almost the entire three minute clip was slowed down to a pace that even the warriors in 300 would find excessive.

And just when it seems like it can't get any slower, director Anderson even turns on the slo-mo during the slo-mo. It's slo-mo squared! It's sloest-mo! A run across the room, artfully offset with gently (slowly!) falling water is interminable. Will Ali Larter ever make it to the other side?!?

I have no idea about the quality of the film, but based on the clip, I think the running time of Resident Evil: Afterlife is somewhere around four and a half hours.


  • [A] says:

    haha! everyone complained about that on twitter -- half the people loved it (the trailer) while the other half really hated it !

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