We Just Saw Scott Pilgrim vs the World. Here's Our Reaction

The Scott Pilgrim vs. the World panel at Comic-Con concluded with director Edgar Wright marching most of the audience over to the Balboa Theater for a secret first screening. Both Dixon and I were there. What did we think of the film?

Kyle: ‪So I think we're in a unique position to discuss the screening of Scott Pilgrim, which we just saw‬. You've read the books, and I haven't.

Dixon: ‪That's true, and as a connoisseur of comic books and the often-crappy movies they inspire‬, I think I can say this is probably one of the best comic book film adaptations I've ever seen.

Kyle: ‪I had a good time with it, too! Especially vis a vis some of the other summer movies we've seen lately‬. It feels like more of a power-packed comic book film than Iron Man 2, and it's wilder and more dreamlike than anything in Inception.

Dixon: ‪I strongly disagree with you on the latter and mildly agree with you on the former‬, but let's not dwell on your shortcomings.

Kyle: ‪I mean, I liked Inception‬, but most of the dreams there were about architecture, whereas in Scott Pilgrim, literally anything can and does happen from scene to scene. It can even defy its own motif...you think this is a movie built with video game language? Well, how about a sitcom scene straight out of Seinfeld, with a laugh track?

Dixon: ‪Ignoring your fatwa against Inception, I think that the director himself put it best‬: It's like a musical. When the emotions get so strong in a musical, all one can do is sing or dance, and in this case, all they can do is throw roundhouse kicks and combo-punches.

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  • In Kill Bill The Bride's title is bleeped whenever mentioned in Vol. 1. Even so, her title appears written twice inside movie. The 1st time is right appropriate after she takes off in Buck's truck. Inside the next scene, she buys a plane ticket from El Paso, Texas to Okinawa where she visits Hatori Hanzo. She says, "Okinawa, one way" to the ticket attendant, who slides her the ticket. If you pause the movie at this point, it is possible to read the name on the ticket as Beatrix Kiddo, which is revealed to be the Bride's real title in Vol. 2. The second time her name appears in when she buys one more plane ticket from Okinawa to Tokyo. Her title is once again visible, but not as clearly.

  • Fascinating piece of writing, thanks. Could you expand on the second part in a little more detail please?

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