Late Night Highlights: Joan Rivers Returns to Late Night, Bashes Jay Leno

Over two decades after Johnny Carson blackballed Joan Rivers from the afterhours circuit, the Piece of Work subject returned to the format to remember the King of Late Night, badmouth Johnny's successor and sprinkle her late husband's ashes on David Letterman's set. Elsewhere, Christina Hendricks debuted her Mad Men Barbie, Kevin Connolly explained how to direct a porn star and Jay Leno dedicated his monologue to Lindsay Lohan.

4. The Christina Hendricks Barbie

Last night on Late Night, the Mad Men actress brought Jimmy Fallon up to speed on the AMC series and introduced her very own Mattel figurine.

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  • Thierry says:

    I’m really truly a converted fan of Joan. I saw her movie a few days ago and it completely changed the way that I see her, as a performer and a person. I’d have to say that it’s one of the best movies I’ve seen, documentary or otherwise.

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