The Tron Legacy Trailer Channels The Dark Knight, Benjamin Button's Jeff Bridges

As Dixon Gaines teased in the liveblog for Tron Legacy's Comic-Con panel, the all-new trailer that premiered in San Diego today is already online. With its unveiling, however, comes a question: Did you like the Warner Bros. ad campaigns for The Dark Knight and Inception? Because then you're going to love this.

With a Hans Zimmer-like score (that sounds slightly less electronic than the Daft Punk original track made for the first teaser), a cool blue-gray color palette and so much whispered gravitas, Disney has done everything they could to make the trailer for Tron Legacy look like something Christopher Nolan could have directed. Based on that association alone, this is likely to be one of the biggest hits of the year.

Of course there's another hook here as well: The effects. And not just all those lightcycles, but the effects that turn Jeff Bridges back into the 32-year-old he was when the original movie was released. And it's... interesting, though whether or not it looks "real" certainly remains up for debate. (Young Jeff does kinda look like a robot when he talks, right? Either that or some animated Madame Tussaud's remnant circa 1985.) At the very least it's slightly better than the de-aging that Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellan went through on X-Men: The Last Stand. Plus, it all but ensures Tron Legacy is going to have a Bridges-on-Bridges standoff. Two Dudes for the price of one?


[via Yahoo! Movies]


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