Hollywood Ink: Dustin Lance Black, David Gordon Green Tackling Barefoot Bandit

lance_black_225.jpgToday in Hollywood Ink: A notorious young criminal gets a high-powered biopic... Disney needs help with its Muppets problem... My Idiot Brother tacks on a few more cast members... and Halle Berry really puts that Oscar to use.

· Colton Harris-Moore, whose casual style and prodigious thieving exploits earned him the nickname "The Barefoot Bandit," will soon be the subject of a Fox biopic written by Dustin Lance Black and potentially directed by David Gordon Green. Black will base his script on a book proposal by Harris-Moore's Outside magazine profiler Bob Friel; commenting on his subject, Black said, "It's clear that there's a reason the country has become so enamored with this story, and that is worthy of investigation. Like any great outlaw story, it speaks to the social and political mood of a generation." Or maybe we just want to see all those stolen planes crash-landed onscreen. Commence casting rumors -- particularly for the role of Harris-Moore's freakazoid mother. [Variety]

· Disney's higher-ups aren't afraid to ask for help when they need it -- hence their recent trip to Pixar HQ to table-read and solicit ideas for their live-action Muppet movie. The meeting follows a similar consultation for Tron Legacy. Sister subsidiary Marvel no doubt feels left out, but it's cool: When Disney needs excoriating, low-road PR cheap shots, they definitely know where to turn. [THR]

· Halle Berry is actually starring in an ensemble comedy that is actually called Shoe Addicts Anonymous. It's an adaptation of a novel about four Chicago women whose common 7 1/2 shoe size becomes a bonding factor. Berry herself "will play an agoraphobe who feeds her addiction with online footwear purchases." Great. [THR]

· Hugh Dancy, Kathryn Hahn, Shirley Knight and Janet Montgomery are the latest additions to the cast of My Idiot Brother, which is currently shooting around New York and also stars Paul Rudd, Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel and Rashida Jones. [Variety]

· Gael Garcia Bernal and Hani Furstenberg are aboard The Loneliest Planet, a thriller about a couple hiking through the Caucasus mountains. Julia Loktev (Day Night, Day Night) will adapt and direct from Tom Bissell's short story. [THR]

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