BREAKING: Guillermo del Toro Joins New Haunted Mansion Movie

At the tail end of the Tron Legacy panel here at Comic Con, moderator Patton Oswalt asked the crowd, what Disney movie would you most want to see re-made? And who would you like to see make it? Haunted Mansion and Guillermo del Toro were the surprise answers to both.

Hatboxghost225.jpgOuting himself as a big Haunted Mansion ride fan, del Toro said he''s be scripting and producing an adaptation of the first ride he went on at Disneyland, when he was just a "fat, small child."

Explaining that he'll be shooting in 3D live-action, he calmed the fears of many, saying that he has been refusing all of Eddie Murphy's calls.

Del Toro, who has a special room in his house where he keeps his mountains of Haunted Mansion art and collectibles, also revealed that the movie will revolve around the Hatbox Ghost, a character that originally part of the Disneyland ride, but has fallen into the dusty cracks of history since then. Del Toro said he is thrilled to re-introduce one of his very favorite characters.

The movie will not be a straight comedy, but more of a funny, horror movie. You can bring your children, Del Toro explains, but they're gonna scream a little.



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