George Clooney to Get the E in EGOT

george_clooney_225.jpgGeorge Clooney will receive the Bob Hope Humanitarian Award at the Emmys on Aug. 29 for his work to aide the victims of 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, the Asian Tsunami, the genocide in Darfur and the Haiti earthquake. (What have you done lately?) The Oscar-winner is now halfway to acquiring the rare EGOT. Can a Broadway revival of My Fair Lady -- with Clooney as Henry Higgins, natch -- be far behind? [E!]


  • Shap says:

    Accomplishing the EGOT isn't as big a deal as it used to be. Like half the people I know have done it. There's lots of loopholes and combos you can use to get it now: a student film Oscar (they have them), combined with a Playbill cover design Tony, combined with a sound engineering Grammy for the sound effects on your student film, combined with an Emmy for creating the Most Outstanding Drama series. You can mix and match categories any way you want, but it's basically like stealing candy from a baby these days. Personally, I'm working on my second EGOT, will probs do a third.

  • dsphinx says:

    Wow Shap, you really sound like quite the douche. But at least no false humility from you, eh Shap? However, a Bob Hope Humanitarian Award, while quite an achievement, is not really an actual Emmy, and shouldn't count towards an EGOT. And these days, should there be another G (or 2) added for the Golden Globes? But I guess then they would start adding in the SAG Awards and the Director's Guild Awards, etc.

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