Did Elisabeth Hasselbeck Just Win Her Feud with Kathy Griffin?

hasselbeck225.jpgFeuds between huffy View panelists and loudmouth comedians aren't exactly titillating on paper, but Elisabeth Hasselbeck's war of whines with Kathy Griffin is a surprisingly good time. Today, Hasselbeck lashed out against Griffin for joking on My Life on the D-List that Sen. Scott Brown had "two daughters who are prostitutes," calling Griffin "scum." Did she have a point this time?

"In general, if someone called your daughter a prostitute would you think they'd be scum?" said Hasselbeck. "I'd call them scum."

Joy Behar defended Griffin and said it was just a joke, to which Hasselbeck declared Griffin should "get in line, and cut it out."

Griffin's strike against her in this brush-up is that her joke wasn't funny. Even if Scott Brown's daughters (who are not minors) attend modeling camps and appear on American Idol (which they have), the "prostitutes" barb was off-color, particularly in an already cringe-worthy episode of D-List. To Griffin's credit, she qualified her remarks during the D-List episode in question with a disclaimer that said approximately, "I know Scott Brown's daughters aren't prostitutes," which Hasselbeck failed to acknowledge.

But of course, Hasselbeck has a history of misrepresenting those she criticizes: During her tirade against Erin Andrews's "provocative" wardrobe on Dancing with the Stars, she claimed Andrews was practically naked on the show -- which she never was -- and then apparently lied about apologizing to her on the phone.

Hasselbeck doesn't win and can't win. As long as she fights Griffin's lack of filter without a sense of humor, her strange contempt for Griffin's existence just gets funnier. I'm reminded of Kathy Griffin's comments to Howard Stern a couple months ago, where the comedienne called out Hasselbeck for never treating Griffin's jokes as jokes, regardless of whether she laughed: "My show is called My Life on the D-List because I know my place. If you're the girl from Survivor who gets this amazing opportunity, lose the 'tude and say thank you." As long as you forget that Kathy Griffin is no longer D-List, she's right on the money.

Interestingly, Mel Gibson-defender Whoopi Goldberg remarked that "if somebody talked about my daughter as a joke like that, I would beat their ass." But it wasn't a particularly cogent episode for Goldberg, who spent much of Hot Topics gigging and trying to explain that she was still on sedatives after a flight back from Vienna.

· Elisabeth Hasselbeck calls Kathy Griffin 'Scum' [EW]


  • Martini Shark says:

    Seriously, we're going to worry about something from The View? Why not also take Dora The Explorer to task for negative Hispanic portrayals as well?

  • NP says:

    Nobody brings up the fact that she said Sotomayor was "the maid from Will & Grace." We must defend white ladies first.
    They were jokes--she is a comedian known for saying whatever is on her mind. Yeah, the prostitute remark was off-color, but I laughed when she said it--mostly because it was so unexpected (ie the audience _knows_ they aren't prostitutes).

  • NP says:

    p.s. Elizabeth Hasselbeck is insufferable and should go away.

  • HwoodHills says:

    Griffin made the joke audibly then the screen froze and Griffin did a V.O. with a screen crawl:
    "Now a brief message from Bravo's legal team:
    Scott Brown's daughters ARE NOT prostitutes!!!
    We now return you to our regularly scheduled negativity."
    It was an obvious joke that they made sure to point out with Griffin doing the v.o. herself.
    Tacky?...Sure...But it's Kathy Griffin. That's her angle.
    Hasselbeck says things like a puppet. It often feels like someone has their hand up her butt moving her mouth for her while talking out of the same cavity their hand has entered.

  • TurdBlossom says:

    Hasselbeck is just using the prostitute comment Griffin made as an excuse to verbally bash her publicly. Pretty weak, given their history.

  • mary says:

    love your show kathy u r the best comedian ever:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))keep those good jokes coming on your show love it love it tip it love it:))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))evryone who doesnt think kathy is a comedian they need to go suck it lololol:)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))just a joke see :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))):)

  • sweetbiscuit says:

    Do your smiley face emoticons have lots of chins? I can't tell what's going on there.

  • mimi says:

    Hmm, whatta comeback - "Get in line & cut it out???" Guess Hasselbitch didn't have her earpiece screwed in today - surely producer Bill Gedde could come up with a sharper response than THAT! And, later in the show, guess I missed Hasselbitch's acknowledgment of the Bush administration's complete betrayal of Valerie Plame?

  • steve says:

    Kathy Griffin is scum. Hasselbacks comment is fair and the writer of this article is a biased idiot.

  • TurdBlossom says:

    Hi Elizabeth!

  • Tracy says:

    Hasselbeck won? Please. When Kathy Griffin was on the show a few weeks back, Hasselbeck tried to start shit with her and when Kathy said "bring it", Hasselbeck backed down like the typical coward she is.
    Had she said that to Kathy's face weeks ago, I would agree. But only a coward waits until your back is turned to kick you.

  • stolidog says:

    what's the difference between a prostitute and an American Idol contestant?
    Prostitutes get paid to suck.

  • JR says:

    Sure, Elizabeth can be a bit if an insufferable D.A.R., but Griffin doesn't get a pass because she's left-wing. Some of Griffin's antics are 'cringe-worthy' as listed, to downright appalling. Griffin is nothing more than an old, unsexy, industry leach who will eventually burn enough bridges and become a joke all unto herself. I'm not a fan of either, but both have the right to express their opinion, and fight like children if they must.

  • I'm just waiting for the day when Hasselbeck leaves "The View" and co-hosts "Fox & Friends"

  • Shecky says:

    What buffoon wrote this article? Kathy Griffin looks like a circus clown...seriously...and Joy Behar hasn't been funny since they cancelled her show "Maude." Come to think of it, isn't Joy Behar dead?