Inception Screening Shut Down -- with Christopher Nolan in Attendance

chris-nolan-breakdown.jpgIf you're Christopher Nolan and your film Inception is about to gross a $21 million Friday, wouldn't you want to sneak into a theater to check out audience reaction? Unfortunately for Nolan, he chose the wrong screening last night.

According to one of our spies, the big show at Los Angeles's Arclight Cinemas was shut down at the 100-minute mark after the air conditioning malfunctioned, turning the theater into a sweltering hotbox:

Arclight Cinerama Dome. 8:15 show. At about 10 o'clock, the light suddenly went on and the projection cut out. After 5 more minutes of heckling, a lamentable usher came out and announced that due to air conditioning failure, they are stopping the movie. Which was odd, because it was warm inside, but nothing that would warrant pulling the plug on an sold-out show on opening night.

Bedlam ensued. Folks were dumping their soda on the floor. In the lobby, they were handing out free Arclight passes to furious attendees.

Spotted outside the theater were Chris Nolan and Dileep Rao looking really concerned about the whole situation. Both were working their phones furiously (while signing a few autographs) and appeared to head back towards the theater as we headed out to find another screen to watch the rest of the film.

Attendees had the option of watching the film again from the beginning in another screening room -- a mighty thing to ask of moviegoers who'd made it 100 minutes into a 148-minute film. Still, what seemed like a bad dream to them must have been even worse for Nolan himself. (Though maybe there's an upside, and the braintrust behind the Arclight -- supposedly LA's premiere movie multiplex -- will finally upgrade its A/C units and its circa-1996 website while they're at it).


  • Tenni says:

    My friends and I went to a 2am showing of The Dark Knight when it came out, and about 20 minutes from the ending, there was some kind of power failure that boned the movie. There was another screening following ours, so they couldn't resume the film. Everyone went insane and I was genuinely concerned for the poor theater employees because of the threats and insults being thrown around, which continued even after we got both our money back for the showing AND a free return pass. Christ.

  • dave says:

    you must be fun at parties.

  • Corwin says:

    Yeah, it was 90+ this weekend and no humidity.
    Sorry, but LA weather is way different than you're used to.

  • sanjay says:

    whoever was seeing this movie in Los Angeles’s was in dream and they were suffering from insomnia.

  • Rupendra says:

    One of the best movies ever watched in my life...really amazing direction....and special effects....

  • Rupendra says:

    i have to wait till sunday to see the inception movie

  • rupendra says:

    Dream within a dream, everyone will be incepted in the inception, leo was great.........nice movie

  • cali_lulu says:

    We were also at the film, but left as the trailer began. Our tickets were in the last row and it was so hot people were sweating before the show began. I had mixed feelings about leaving but am glad we did before the movie started.
    We've been Arclight members since the theater opened and but the experience we had that night was worse than any theater we've ever been to. We were lied to and told that the AC wasn't broken, they "...just didn't know how many people were going to attend," and when the theater is full it "just gets hot".
    We're going to see Inception at the AMC IMAX at Century City next weekend instead.

  • Dan says:

    A few weeks ago Nolan said he didn't have a cell phone. He changed his mind fast...

  • sonu says:

    I have to wait till holiday to see the inception movie.

  • sonu says:

    It was sticky for some reasons and it was constantly getting stuck to itself.

  • sonu says:

    In this movie showing different personality by Christopher Nolan.

  • Ignorance. says:

    "Movie goer" and "asshole" are not synonymous you know.

  • We've gotten to the place wherever a movie that wanders remotely off the reservation stuns and wows us and leads us to believe it is outstanding. "Inception" isn't a terrible movie. Its certainly more effective than anything else Hollywood has to present this year. Neither, however, is it wonderful.

  • This storyline and notion that Nolan have been operating on because he was a teenager is executed beautifully. It really is an Unique idea that's NOT based off of the book, comic, or older dvd movie. I guarantee you'll have to observe it twice to completely grasp this fantastic, 2.five hour movie flick encounter. I will absolutely be seeing it once again. You could possibly really feel lost at factors through the motion picture, but stick with it. Inception is really a thought-provoker.

  • Irvin Vetri says:

    All that said, it really is without a doubt refreshing to view a film not depending on a comic book, not according to an outdated television exhibit, and not really a remake that in no way required being made in the very first place. It's it, persons, the a particular blockbuster this summer that are going to be worth the funds you set down for it.

  • Christopher Nolan is one of several few directors/writers (Scorcese, Spielberg, Eastwood) who has the gift of regularly making excellent videos. He's like a Picasso and churns out masterpieces. A lot of directors get lucky for just one flick and fail to duplicate their achievement. For Creation, Nolan masterfully engages his audience as he builds up the story to intrigue you via the pretty end whilst injecting motion scenes and visible effects to excite you.

  • Apart from the action that keeps you for the edge within your seat, the romance and idea of dreams vs. realism completely produce this movie flick. The acting in all elements was immaculate. I obtained chills every single time Marion Cotillard came on screen, and Joseph Gordon-Levitt changed my opinion of him on this dvd, he did amazing stunts (with out a double) and did a terrific job as Leo's right-hand man. And as for Leo, very well, have you actually seen a efficiency wherever he does poorly? His sensible romantic relationship with Mal from the tv show combined with his conniving tricks to get into people's minds blew me aside.

  • There were being a couple of things that persons could relate to - like waking a individual up from a fantasy by making them really feel like they are falling. We've pretty much all knowledgeable that. But getting some type of drug to make you goal appears a little far-fetched and most almost certainly risky. So are we saying right here that "Hey, it can be Hollywood! It does not have to produce sense."

  • Róża says:

    Witam Lubie Edytę, jest czadową polską piosenkarką. Przykro mi że nie widać jej więcej na "live" niż w TV.

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