Sharktopus Trailer: Eat, Prey, Lunch

There's a lot to say about a Syfy original film called Sharktopus. That's why I'm writing this! But we have to move quickly, before the Sharktopus finds my apartment, asks the desk worker for my name (using a pseudonym), and eats me.

Coming soon! Subtitle: Landshark 3-D.

The important thing about the sharktopus is he emulates Jaws, pretends he's elusive, and then strolls onto the boardwalk basically screaming profanities. He's hamming it up by the concession stand and eating people who are kind of just on their way to work. Now: Would some Scooby Doo patois be overkill? When he wolfed that bungee-jumper, I think a simple "Ruh-roh! Delicious! A-Hee-Hee-Hee!" would've been fine. But of course, this is only a preview. Hanna-Barberisms are no doubt a part of the inspiring final package.

Maybe it gets no better than when Sharkto's creator delivers the Eastwoodian quip, "He said he wanted a killing machine!" He's talking about me, by the way -- and my wish was his command! Consider me slayed! Roger Corman, the rest of us forever swimrun after your genius.

VERDICT: Can't sharking wait.

Sharktopus Trailer: Not a Shark, Not Yet an Octopus [Vulture]