Hollywood Ink: Aaron Sorkin Dons Haz-Mat Suit, Takes on John Edwards Saga

john_edwards_225.jpgAlso this morning in Hollywood Ink: Meryl Streep and Tina Fey are rumored for Mommy... Sherri Shepherd will play twice the prostitute... Movie futures are banned... and another teen novel is tossed into the development machine.

· If you had to choose any one writer to adapt and likely direct the sordid tale of Sen. John Edwards's political and personal self-immolation with Rielle Hunter, let's face it: It would probably be Aaron Sorkin. But imagine the breath-holding one would have to do wallowing through that muck, adapted from former Edwards aide Andrew Young's recent memoir and sure to yield a miasma of melodrama, sex, greed, self-deception and sensational scandal. I mean, sounds fun to visit as a viewer, but would you want to live there? Anyway, this is happening. [Deadline]

· Meryl Streep and Stanley Tucci may yet reunite for the bonding dramedy Mommy and Me -- but with Tucci directing and Tina Fey possibly co-starring as Streep's daughter. Just that idea made a million dollars since it was published last night. [LAT]

· Sherri Shepherd is aboard the Katherine Heigl thriller One For the Money, in which she play a dual role as "prostitutes with hearts of gold." Has anyone here read the Janet Evanovich book on which this is based? And if so, can you please tell the rest of us how that works? [Variety]

· Well, the impossible futures-trading dream is in fact... impossible. Congress killed it Thursday and has passed it along to President Obama for a signature. [Deadline]

· Fox 2000 optioned the teen novel Before I Fall, which is described as Groundhog Day by way of high school. Puccini For Beginners writer-director Maria Maggenti is set to adapt. [Deadline]

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