Playboy's Mad Men Cover: Crista Flanagan Gets a Promotion

CristaFlanaganPlayboy.jpgIn addition to capturing Michael Cera's most facetious interview ever, this August's Playboy is traveling back to a time when the publication was still relevant: the '60s. Mad Men actress Crista Flanagan appears on two different covers of next month's issue, proving that good things do come to switchboard operators who chop off men's feet with lawnmowers.

CristaFlanaganPlayboy.jpgNext month's issue features an eight-page Mad Men-themed layout featuring Flanagan splayed across '60s sets as well as classic ads from the decade.

About the photo shoot, the former MADtv cast member said, "I really did feel like I was re-creating something and that I was bringing to life these women who already posed for Playboy in the '60s. If I tell a friend I did this, they think I'm completely naked...This was not Crista filling your wish list out. This was trying to capture an era."

· Mad Men star Crista Flanagan to pose in August edition of Playboy in recreation of '60s shoots [NYDN]


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