The Social Network Will Open the New York Film Festival, New Full-Length Trailer Coming Soon

socialnetwork_poster_225.jpgYou know that new second teaser for The Social Network that you keep chasing around the internet like some game of Whack-a-Mole, trying to catch before Sony pulls it down? Well as the studio told Movieline, that teaser -- which is awesome, for those who haven't been lucky in tracking it down -- is actually exclusive to the New York Film Festival. And hey, look at that: The Social Network is going to open the New York Film Festival on September 24, a full week before it opens nationwide. Fear not, though: you're about to get something new much sooner than that.

According to Sony, while you may be crestfallen because you haven't seen the newest teaser, a full-length trailer is coming very soon. Presumably, that means everyone will finally get their first look at actual moving images from the film, and not just dialogue snippets or (in the case of the NYFF teaser) scrolling Facebook updates.

In the meantime, check out the original teaser one more time -- why not? -- and come back to Movieline for all your Social Network updates.

· Movie About Facebook Will Open the New York Film Festival [NYT/ArtsBeat]

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