What's Real? What's Fake? Take Moveline's Inception Hyperbole Quiz!

inception_leo_225.jpgUnless you're pundit David Poland -- who took such umbrage to the near unanimous critical praise bestowed upon Inception this weekend that he wrote an entire blog post skeptical of it -- great reviews for Christopher Nolan's latest only stoke the flames of interest. Based on all the fawning, Inception is -- without a doubt -- the best movie of the summer! Or, at least since Toy Story 3. But with west coast critics pulling muscles trying to out-praise each other -- east coast critics, like Movieline's Stephanie Zacharek, who will have to wait to see Inception this week -- it seems like a perfect time to dust off the hyperbole quiz and take it for a ride. Click ahead to see some reviews and answer the age old question: Real or fake?

· Review #1:

When it opens July 16, this eye-popping film will wow moviegoers all over the world--its complexities will only encourage debate and repeat viewings--and should also score well with critics and year-end awards groups. Oscar nominations in technical categories are a certainty, but Inception is also a strong contender for multiple nominations, including Best Picture. [...] As intricate as the script is -- Nolan worked on it for a decade -- the movie is not just a feat of cinematic wizardry, even though it comes close to the level of technological derring-do carried off by the likes of Stanley Kubrick.

Real or Fake?: Real. That's Anne Thompson in her Indiewire review, titled, "Nolan Delievers Kubrickian Masterpiece with Heart."

· Review #2:

Inception is a masterpiece. Making a huge film with big ambitions, Christopher Nolan never missteps and manages to create a movie that, at times, feels like a miracle. [...] The film I am most reminded of, weirdly, is Lawrence of Arabia. While Inception has nothing to do with David Lean's masterpiece (except for some gorgeous location photography), it contains the same scope I find there.

Real or Fake?: Real. It's Devin Faraci from CHUD. Not surprisingly, he gave it a 10 out of 10.

· Review #3:

[Inception] plays out like a two-hour therapy session, wrapped in the accoutrement of a heist film and bathed in the panache of an entirely immersive cinematic experience.

Real or Fake?: Real. Kris Tapley from In Contention -- though he only gives the film 3 1/2 stars.

· Review #4:

We will have to wait a bit before calling Inception for Oscar. There are still some open-ended questions about whether critics will embrace it, audiences will flock to it, or if its "genre" is outside the scope of what the Academy yearns for. If it were me, it would be an easy call as one of the ten best pictures of the year, maybe even of the last ten.

Real or Fake?: Real. Awards Daily proprietor Sasha Stone.

· Review #5:

As a result, Inception flattened me, and even now, more than a week after my first viewing of it, I find myself turning over images and ideas from the film almost constantly.

Real or Fake?: Real. Drew McWeeny for HitFix, who then blasted Poland on his blog.

· Review #6:

Inception is quite possibly the worst film of the summer -- or at least since Toy Story 3 -- if only because Nolan simply lacks the database of references that something this ambitious would require. If only he had the humanist touch of Dennis Dugan.

Real or Fake?: Fake. But don't be surprised to see that pop up in Armond White's upcoming review.


  • Edward Wilson says:

    At least Armond doesn't compare every movie he sees to Nashville anymore...

  • Armond's secretary says:

    Armond White cannot come to the internet just now.
    He's sharpening his hate-perbole for his hatey hate essay re: INCEPTION and the hive mind critics and moviegoers who have anything good to say about it.
    He has a few more sets of seething anger-lifts, snark-pulls and rage-pushes to do before he'll be ready to chat again.
    Would it be okay if I took a message?

  • SunnydaZe says:

    Could you just give him this box of steaming enclosures? Thanks.

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