Katie Holmes? Justin Timberlake? Movieline Sorts Out the Glee Casting Rumors

As the cast of Glee prepares to resume filming this month, casting rumors plague the web about over a dozen actors and performers that may or may not appear on Ryan Murphy's Fox hit during its sophomore season. Whether you are a child prodigy, child wizard, comedy legend or Oscar winner, chances are that you've been rumored for a five-episode arc over the past few weeks. To clear up the confusion once and for all, we've decided to sort through the rumored candidates to determine who the locks are to circulate the halls of William McKinley this fall, and which wannabes are most likely to be shoved back into the casting locker with blue slushie on their faces.

Going to Happen

· John Stamos

Executive producer Brad Fulchuk confirmed that the Full House alum will join the cast next season to play Emma Pillsbury's (Jayma Mays) dentist beau for several episodes. There is a significant chance that the love triangle between Schue-Emma-Emma's Dentist will end in an epic sing-off.

· Javier Bardem

After working with Glee creator Ryan Murphy on the set of Eat, Pray, Love, the Oscar-winner agreed to play a Spanish heavy metal rocker who befriends Artie. No word yet on how whether or not Bardem's arc will be multi-episodic.

· Charice

After denying rumors that she would Gleek out for the show's second season, the musical prodigy confirmed last month that she would be joining the cast as a foreign exchange student who competes with Lea Michele's character for the New Directions' spotlight. Bonus: Movieline staged the first sing-off between the two divas here.

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  • Catie says:

    Please stop being mean comments about Cory Monteith. On the reviews you write about Glee, you keep making digs at him and it's getting very tiresome. OK I grant you that he's not a Broadway caliber performer like Matt Morrison or Lea Michele but he can sing. And he's a wonderful actor with a talent for both comedy and drama. I do not blame Cory Monteith for any of the series’ shortcomings at all. On the contraty, he's the best thing about Glee for many fans out there. Actually he's the reason why I watched it every week. And why I will watch it next Season.

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