VIDEO: 30 Minutes After Nabbing the Role, Your New Spider-Man Struggles to Speak English

Andrew Garfield flew to Cancun this week expecting simply to promote The Social Network at a Sony media summit. Instead, he was told that he'd nabbed the ultra-coveted role of Spider-Man -- then, still reeling (and struggling to rehearse the deceptively simple introduction, "Hey guys, how's it going"), the 26-year-old Brit was hurried to a press conference for an announcement. This is what happened behind the scenes:














  • Danielle says:

    Thank God they chose him, he's incredible. So excited now!

  • Sally says:

    He looks like a younger Toby Maguire.

  • orlando says:

    Must be exciting. It's really like somebody went and told him "you're a megastar now"

  • Amanda says:

    Eh, still not interested in the reboot. They're doing this just to hold on to the license, not actually make a good movie.

  • Django says:

    I saw him at a screening of Lions for Lambs, and he's very charismatic & affecting.
    I'd say Parker & Spidey are in good hands. This guy single handedly raises
    the bar for their entire production. What a great actor!

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