When Russell Brand Was a Freshly Scrubbed Teenage Casanova

· Flashback Friday! What's more amusing: this clip of a teenaged Russell Brand from the 1994 British TV series Mud, or the impenetrable British narration over the clip that has words and phrases like "having a bunk," "C-Beebies," and "his dinkle was just a winkle"? Take a look (after the jump) and judge for yourself! [WoW]

· For some reason, PopSugar asked Ed Westwick whether he would ever wax his chest. "It's a funny thing, the other day I thought about doing it," he said. "Seriously, I was just thinking about doing it. I'm not going to do it anyway, now. I guess I would do it if I had to do it." [PopSugar]

· Shirley Manson is getting maternal about the oft-besieged Kristen Stewart. "SAVE OUR SMART GIRLS," she blogged. "SAVE THEM NOW. DO NOT MAKE THEM SMILE. DON'T DO IT." [Facebook]

· Might George Miller shoot two Mad Max films back to back? And might he call the second one Furiosa for some odd reason? [Twitch]

· 30 Rock's Judah Friedlander has been caught without a saying on his cap. For shame. [ONTD]


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