Essential Killing Trailer: What Do Vincent Gallo, the Taliban and a Chainsaw Have in Common?

essential_killing_gallo_225.jpgHonestly, Essential Killing sounds so insane on paper that it doesn't even need a trailer to compel your viewing. "The film follows the story of Mohammed, who is captured by the US military in Afghanistan and transported to a secret military black site," explain the preliminary production notes. "When the army convoy he is riding in plummets off a steep hill, Mohammed finds himself suddenly free and on the run behind enemy lines. A hostile, snow-blanketed forest, gradually reveals to be somewhere in the wilds of Eastern Europe. Relentlessly pursued by the military, Mohammed must constantly confront the need to kill in order to survive." Oh, and it's directed by the Polish great Jerzy Skolimowski. And Vincent Gallo plays Mohammed. Click through for a look.

I can only presume the purpose here is to contrast the psychologies of killing in the name of a cause and killing in the name of survival (as if the desert/snowfield metaphor isn't enough). But there is an outside chance that Skolimowski simply wanted to explode a few viewers' heads with the shocking WTF-ery of it all, from noted conservative and self-promoting ladies' man Gallo as a bazooka-wielding Taliban foot soldier to Emmanuelle Seigner showing up as... I have no idea. But she seems awfully calm about having a pistol-wielding, blood-soaked Afghan baddie crouched beneath her table in terror. Wait until she finds out what he did outside with that chainsaw.

VERDICT: Hell yes, sold!

[via Twitch]


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