It May Be Time For Kevin Smith's Jorts Intervention

kevin-smith-jorts.jpgKevin Smith attended the premiere of Eclipse last night with his daughter, dressed like he usually is, but even more so. While we're not style critics here at Movieline, and we just shrugged at Smith's shirt (which was potentially stolen from a college freshman who is so psyched that he can now wear clothes with cuss words on them), we feel it is necessary to address the jorts, once and for all.

I get that the jean shorts are Smith's shtick, but he's starting to feel like a prisoner of his carefully cultivated slacker image. Do you think he is ever about to put on pants, then he blanches, thinking, "Can't let anyone see me without my jorts!" That is not healthy, Mr. Smith.

Live a full life! We already "get" you -- there's no need to keep it up! Could there be anything worse than having a drawer (potentially multiple drawers) that are just jorts? Save yourself the ignominy and explore other sartorial options for the good of mankind, or at least look into bringing back jams or something. At that point, we'd be willing to scratch off Jersey Girl.



  • stolidog says:

    Unless she's mentally challenged and blind, she must be kind of embarrassed, unless, of course, she's the child version of a hollywood gold digger.

  • burlivesleftnut says:

    He's useless.

  • Neo says:

    When you're this fat and talentless, cuss words on your muumuu is the only way to go.

  • Katie says:

    In fairness they are incredibly slimming to his ankles

  • me says:

    He may be a brilliant and insightful writer, but he has no fashion sense

  • MCU says:

    Uh...wait. I mean, he's not that. There have been less funny lines about excrement written than his. I'm only guessing, but odds are.

  • Susieqtpi says:

    Actually, everyone please look closer. He is not in fact, wearing a cuss word on his shirt. He has set the bar even lower than that, becoming the Jersey equivalent of a midwestern republican by wearing a shirt that says "Puck U". Note the hockey puck below the U if you're confused.
    Also - is that a XXXL or what? Kevin, man, when you're already big, you don't make it worse by wearing clothes that look even bigger than you actually are...

  • HwoodHills says:

    Stop needlessly bashing. The guy's out with his daughter.
    It's obvious that the shirt says "Puck" (though I can see the need to 'think ahead' in this day and age.)
    So maybe it's only a 50% mistake.
    Okay, more-likely 90%.
    (But the guy's gotta work the rep that brought him here.)

  • sean kelly says:

    thats the name of his ball hockey team, he just played in Brantford Ontario Canada a few weeks ago

  • SunnydaZe says:

    This is what happens when you are on twitter too much.

  • The Winchester says:

    At least he stopped wearing Affleck as a beard.

  • Stigma says:

    You mindless vultures. Does it really matter how the man dresses? I would like to see the day anyone of you get into your tux to take your kid to the movies.

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