Bristol Palin's Acting Debut: What's Her Motivation?

bristol225.jpg· Bristol Palin's acting debut on The Secret Life of the American Teenager is upon us, and it is not an Emmy-winner. The Wasillan native looks like an American teenager, but her delivery lacks "secret life." At any rate, enjoy her knack for cello player jokes! [NYMag]

· Valerie Bertinelli shot a pilot for a talk show with Australian co-host Rove McManus. I hope Rove plays a horny superintendent. [Variety]

· Bethenny Frankel and Omarosa are feuding, everyone! Omarosa still exists, everyone. [ONTD]

· Scarlett Johansson swatted off nay-sayers and claimed she "pounded the pavement" in order to win her Tony Award. [Us]

· And finally, Neil Patrick Harris is returning to the Harold and Kumar series. I totally thought his career cheetah was going another direction. [Zap2It]


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