Mad Men Season Four Poster: Corner Office With a View

mad_men_s4_poster.jpgNetwork marketing departments, take note! The publicity campaign for the fourth season of Mad Men continues to be an expert course revealing nothing. Between the interviews with Matthew Weiner, the first look image and, now, the season four poster (which premiered at EW), the one unifying thread has been something will happen. What that something is -- well, who knows? But based on the poster, expect some furniture purchases.


Mysterious! Of course some eagle-eyed member of the Mad Men historical accuracy police will probably figure out that the rotary phone next to Don's foot only existed between January 1964 and June 1965, meaning the fourth season takes place in that time frame. And wait, is that...a drop ceiling? What does that mean? Speculate away, conspiracy theorists. July 25th is still a long time away.

· Exclusive First Look: 'Mad Men' Season Four Poster [EW/Ausiello Files]


  • sweetbiscuit says:

    Well, if Don's new company doesn't even have furniture yet, then I'm guessing that this new season doesn't take place TOO far into the future from last season's finale.