Armond White Hates Toy Story 3, as Expected

2010_toy_story_3_009.jpgWe wondered earlier today whether notoriously contrarian film critic Armond White would be the one to sully Toy Story 3's perfect Tomatometer, and right on cue, he has. "Toy Story 3 suckers fans to think they can accept this drivel without paying for it politically, aesthetically or spiritually," he writes in the NY Press before pulling the classic Armond move of elevating a forgotten piece of fluff to the pantheon in comparison (in this case, Small Soldiers is the "more challenging" movie passed over by "shill critics"). [NYP]


  • Quirky- says:

    Ugh, the guy's such a douchebag. If I ever meet anyone who actually likes or agrees with his views...well, I don't know what I'll do, but I won't be happy!

  • Boricua in texas says:

    That guy is really trying too hard.

  • bailey says:

    We've reached the point with Armond that mainstream news has reached with those douches from Westboro Baptist Church. When you cover them, you're only empowering them, since all they want is attention.

  • Christopher Rosen says:

    This is so true. Does anyone actually take White seriously? I have a hard time believing they do. Strike that: I have a hard time believing even he does. You can't -- for example -- give The Nanny Diaries a better review than There Will Be Blood and not be in on the joke that is your career choices.

  • castinghag says:

    Who's Armond White?

  • Rich says:

    Whats typical of critics like White is he's more interested in becoming famous rather than focusing on the work. He does damage to the entire film industry but using his pedestal for his own ego rather than point of dialogue into elevation of the language of film. He'll get his silly radio/ TV show and become the Glen Beck of film critics wear some silly glasses and wear tennis shoes and we'll all laugh at the funny little man who intellectualizes "Toy Soldiers" .

  • cuteview says:

    Seems to be trying to hard to get some attention...White just jump off a bridge...and trust me you'll be the show-stopper for the hour...