Lindsay Lohan Considers Celebrity Apprentice

LiLohanQL.jpgDina Lohan has confirmed that her daughter is seriously contemplating joining the next season of Celebrity Apprentice because "Donald [Trump] is a friend of the family." According to the New York Post, Lindsay cannot commit until NBC agrees to shoot around her production schedule, which includes shooting the porn star biopic Inferno. Earlier this week, Linday's father Michael Lohan hinted that he was also being courted for the series. [NYP]


  • maryp says:

    Trump more or less fired Khloe K just because she had a DUI. He gave his little speech on how much he HATES anyone who drives under the influence.. so if he allows Lindsay Lohan smacks of double standards to me.

  • casting couch says:

    And Lilo walks around under the influence of several different substances.

  • Furious D says:

    Are you sure it isn't Celebrity Rehab?