See You On The Other Side

So this will be my last time filing An Alan Smithee Column.

I'll be starting a new gig at Yahoo! (some more details here) next week, and given that there's no feasible way for me to squeeze another 23 or so Lost questions into this one (I'm finally making my peace with everyone's deaths -- the Hurley doll's buried in the backyard, at the foot of a four-toed lemon tree), I'll take this space to thank the amazing and supremely talented people I've worked with at Movieline over the past year. It's been such a great experience to work with everybody here, doing my very small part to help build a site I've been so proud to be associated with. So a huge thank-you to my fantastic (and patient) editors Seth, Stu and Kyle, and to the rest of the gang (Julie, Louis, Stephanie, Michelle, Christopher and Michael), who crank out great writing every day on a site I've loved to read as much as contribute to. Working with you guys was a real privilege.



  • sweetbiscuit says:

    Dang! You're going to make me read Yahoo now, too? 🙂 Congrats and best wishes.

  • The Winchester says:

    I second Sweetbiscuit's emotions.

  • Dimo says:

    I thought you said to never cross the streams! Good luck dude.

  • db says:

    But who will warn us of the Don Draper Fingerbang Threat Level? Please, won't somebody think of the Mad Men?!
    Have fun, friendo 🙂

  • Le Retour de la Revanche du Fantôme de la Nouvelle Vague says:

    See you soon, Mark! You're one guy I'll always track (in a non-sexual stalking way).

  • burlivesleftnut says:

    I guess this means a cynical, entertainment hating writer will be added to the ranks soon. Sorry to see you go, since you seemed to actually ENJOY stuff. Will writers now be nothing but haters?

  • What site are you reading? I even called for someone to fund the new Mortal Kombat movie the other day! Sheesh.

  • Cindy says:

    LOVERBOY!!! Congrats on the new gig 🙂 You've come a LONG way!! Gone are our days stuffed into a 3rd floor-walk up- office in the Schulberg bldg, with a tiny little dumb-waiter to carry our precious belongings.
    Take care Lisanti!!