Stephanie Pratt on Her 'Real Love,' Speidi's Separation and Life After The Hills

StephanieHills585.jpgLike every other twenty-something, Stephanie Pratt has fought to overcome her own insecurities. Only unlike the masses, she did so as part of MTV's cultural phenomenon The Hills. Her journey was especially sophisticated for a reality show that specializes in glamorous simplification -- picture-perfect young cast members, glistening shots of the L.A. cityscape and conversations that rarely delve into complex designer names, let alone emotions. But as The Hills winds down its final season, Stephanie -- who became a lead cast member this year -- has emerged as of one of the show's most integral and reliable characters.

Last week, Stephanie phoned Movieline to discuss the career detour that took her to The Hills , the one cast member she trusts for advice and her strained relationship with her brother.

Congratulations on the last season of The Hills. The finale is going to be devastating for fans.

I know! Thank you. It is really sad. I really don't think the show could go on any longer though because we all get along so well now. It would just be like a no-drama show. I am excited about the end though. Now we are just having so much fun.

Is there a sense of sadness on set as you near the finale?

We have a little bit over a month left until we [film] the finale. Actually, Lo, Audrina and I were just talking about the last episodes and how we are definitely going to cry.

I can imagine. So what are your plans after the show wraps?

I always, always wanted a handbag line -- like, since seventh grade I really remember that's what I wanted. I spent all my allowance money on my Kate Spade bags and that was it for me and instead of posters on my walls, I had nails in my walls and hung my handbags on my wall for decoration. This October, I found a partner and we have been working on a line, and it's going to be out in the fall so I am just so excited. I saw the samples about a month and a half ago and they just look so awesome. There are about six right now.

My handbag line was really always my ultimate goal. People think that the show is totally scripted but when I moved to LA, it was to go back to school. I was taking classes and Lauren [Conrad] just walked into my class one day. The producers went down the roll call, found my name and then they asked me to be on the show. So really, The Hills has been a detour. So I am excited to get back to my real love.

Have you thought about filming another reality show that focuses on you as you build your line -- like The City has done for Whitney Port?

I get asked that a lot, "Would I go back on a reality show.?" I always say, "If it has something to do with fashion."

Apparently Heidi has a new show planned too. Do you speak to Heidi and Spencer these day?

No, I haven't spoken to them since late September. I find out everything from the paparazzi. Heidi has a new show and I had no idea until they told me. I have absolutely no idea what is going on with them.

Do you think their break-up is a publicity stunt?

I really don't know, to be honest. Sometimes I think it is and then sometimes I am like, "Why would they do this?" I don't know what goes on in their heads anymore. I used to be like, "I get what they are doing," and now I just really don't. Like it has been so long since they cut me out of their lives. We have just become so different and honestly [the separation] has been kind of nice. It's given me an opportunity to focus on the person I am becoming and [Spencer] can be who he is and this way, we don't have to be affiliated with each other.

At this point, do you think they would be better off without each other? What do you hope for them?

I just want them to be happy with whatever decision they make. I feel like there is a lot of stress in their lives. They are so young to have to deal with what they have to deal with. I really do want them to be happy though. Even though what he did kind of sucks, he's still my big brother and I love him. And if he does end our relationship, I wouldn't hold a grudge or anything like that.

It's definitely hard to watch your strained relationship play out onscreen because viewers feel like they know you -- and they hurt for you when they see Spencer turn you away repeatedly. What are your viewing experiences of each episode like?

Well, we only get the episode like a day before it airs, so I usually watch it on Mondays.

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